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EWP is a privately held real estate investment company which provides commercial real estate investment opportunities, comprehensive property management, and in-house brokerage services.

Our founders’ vision was to establish a business model centered around individuals of character and integrity, dedicated to excellence, and committed to revolutionizing real estate investment services. We operate with unwavering principles and a dedication to delivering top-tier services. Our focus lies in the acquisition, management, and enhancement of multi-family properties.

At EWP, we leverage market intelligence, local expertise, and robust relationships within the real estate financial services sector to inform our strategies. As a full-service real estate investment and advisory firm, we prioritize creating value and delivering exceptional returns for our investors. We go beyond traditional roles by investing our own capital in the projects we sponsor, ensuring shared risk and demonstrating responsible stewardship of our clients’ funds.

Our investment strategy emphasizes the acquisition of underperforming multi-family assets in targeted markets characterized by limited supply and promising prospects for rent and property value improvements. Through operational enhancements, aesthetic upgrades, property renovations, and strategic repositioning, we maximize the potential of each investment, driving significant value for our stakeholders.

Meet The Team


Victor Whitmore is a Co-Founder of Precision Equity, a real estate investment company founded in 2003 and located in Tulsa, OK.

Victor is responsible for asset management, investment formulation, implementation and ​oversight of all operating procedures of existing ​investments, review of prospective investments,​monitoring of real estate market conditions and ​due diligence as well as day to day management ​of the firm’s operations and investment activity.

He has over 20 years of commercial real estate investing, operations, and management experience.

By leading the day-to-day operations of the management teams, overseeing numerous multi-million-dollar renovations and through strategic repositioning, Victor purchased over 2500 multi-family units and 800,000 square feet of retail shopping center space and increased the value of these properties by tens of millions of dollars.

As a principle, Victor has transacted over $250,000,000 in commercial real estate and has a current portfolio of $170,000,000. 


Coach JC is the founder of the WIN ALL DAY movement, a performance coaching business committed to building WINNERS for life!

But it didn’t start there. After throwing away his basketball opportunity, hitting rock bottom, over $400k in debt, suicidal and in the fight of his life to be a father Coach JC was able to create a new story for his life.

He used that pain to fuel his purpose and it has been said that his story is one of the most inspiring comeback kid stories ever.

Coach JC was able to overcome by discovering the Word of God & personal development, and for the last 17 years is a sought-after trainer and speaker brought into teams, organizations and agencies on a mission to build WINNERS & WINNING teams.

He has been a part of building 17 Championship teams working with athletes from College, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, and Olympians.​

Coach JC is a dynamic professional speaker, as an entrepreneur has started 5 businesses, authored 6 books, started his own apparel brand, supplement line and founded the non-profit, Fit First Responders.

You can learn more about Coach JC and The WIN ALL DAY movement at: or

Jeremy Pinkerton-Heisten

Jeremy Pinkerton-Heisten founded Ascension Hospitality in 2011 to partner with hotel owners to execute sound business tactics, maximize profit potential, and increase their asset value. Jeremy specializes in revenue generating strategies, operational effectiveness, dominating market penetration, and positioning properties to sell for the strongest ROI.

Project scopes include developing and opening new hotels, ramping up revenues for distressed properties to obtain an optimal sales price, due diligence consulting, executing brand conversions, analyzing economic conditions and implementing hotel revenue strategies.

Jeremy has over 23 years of domestic and international hotel experience. She specializes in working with all types of hotels, resorts and their owners and operators. Her expertise spans every tier city and includes all hotel star classification brands as well as independent hotels.

Jeremy works directly with hotel brands such as, The Waldorf-Astoria, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Wyndham, Choice, and Radisson. Jeremy has managed multimillion dollar portfolios in major cities such as NYC and LA.

Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Restaurant Administration from Oklahoma State University as well as an MBA from Metropolitan College of New York including a study abroad program in Europe. Jeremy resides in Tulsa with her husband, Mike, and son.

Fady Srour

Fady Srour is a counseling psychology expert with 17 years of clinical and mental health experience (M.A in Counseling Psychology), worked in Oklahoma and Jerusalem.

Business owner of 3-multimillion-dollar businesses employing more than 40 employees, a real estate investor in multifamily and high yielding properties in USA and Dubai.

Through his WealthyMinds and Wealth & Winning Companies/brand, he teaches and trains others on how to develop a wealthy mindset to create wealth, increase trust/confidence, develop a healthy/adaptive belief system, and access inner energy/divine presence to master life and truly manifest results.

Fady trains entrepreneurs and high achievers on how to transform fear and harness faith in their personal and business lives and how to regulate/manage stress.

Sarah Ehambe

Sarah Ehambe is a high-capacity, energetic activator, who carries a zeal for life. Sarah is known as a business builder and leader and is a high demand consultant in HR, sales, & marketing.

Sarah’s unmatched, magnetic personality enables her to connect with people from all walks of life and has taken her across international borders into 30+ countries and 27+ cities. This extraordinary life experience has equipped Sarah with the ability to: build rapid rapport, diplomatically and effectively communicate cross culturally, and creatively problem solve and strategize.

Sarah has a Masters of Organizational Leadership and has managed teams of all sizes. From an entire employee’s lifecycle: Recruit, interview, hire, onboard, administer benefits and enrollments, conduct performance reviews, engage in conflict resolution, and terminate to overseeing and organizing all aspects of marketing, team communications, logistical expertise and onsite leadership for talent. She has secured and negotiated contracts of all sizes.

Sarah is a devoted wife and mom of 7. She carries a volunteer heart and is naturally stays learning, writing, reading, creating, researching, traveling, playing sports and games, and is a foodie.

Our Approach

EWP acquires and manages commercial real estate properties with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation.

EWP provides everyday investors access to institutional-grade real estate deals that are normally reserved for only the largest investors.

EWP does all of the work, we source the properties, we underwrite them to the strictest of conditions, we visit them, and we make sure they will deliver above average returns.


EWP recognizes the enduring appeal of well-positioned, income-generating multifamily properties as compelling investment assets across various economic landscapes. Multifamily real estate stands out as a resilient and stable investment class, notably demonstrating increased demand even amidst economic downturns. This inherent strength shields multifamily assets from the downward pressures often experienced by other real estate categories during recessions.

Adhering to a prudent investment approach, EWP targets stabilized yet underperforming multifamily properties primed for value enhancement through strategic operational enhancements and capital improvements.

To optimize investment returns, EWP strategically focuses on economically dynamic secondary and tertiary markets often overlooked by institutional investors. These markets offer more favorable capitalization rates compared to primary markets, which tend to attract greater attention from larger institutional buyers. Additionally, we capitalize on deal sizes that fall between the parameters of institutional investment criteria and local investor capabilities.

Moreover, EWP prioritizes regions experiencing robust population growth, particularly in the Midwestern and Southern United States, which have consistently ranked among the nation’s fastest-growing areas over recent decades. This strategic focus ensures a sustained and robust demand for rental properties over the long term, underpinning our investment strategy with enduring market fundamentals.


EWP implements a straightforward yet effective approach to property acquisition and disposition. Our acquisition strategy revolves around meticulously identifying investment opportunities that offer a blend of factors including price, quality, consistent cash flow, prime location, manageable risk, growth prospects, and potential for rental rate upside.

At EWP, our primary goals encompass discovering superior investment prospects that strike the ideal balance between returns and security and prioritizing capital preservation as our foremost objective. We selectively provide debt financing to projects that present a favorable risk-reward ratio, ensuring our investors receive returns that surpass expectations.

EWP collaborates with passive real estate investors seeking both current rental income and long-term appreciation to enhance overall returns. Teaming up with EWP enables investors to access competitive returns, capitalize on tax advantages, and benefit from a trusted partner with deep industry expertise.

Leveraging our proprietary property management systems and processes, we uphold rigorous standards to ensure the superior management and maintenance of our properties. Through factors like strategic capital improvements, operational enhancements, and inflation-driven appreciation, we anticipate robust yields on invested capital.

Drawing on years of industry experience and a commitment to staying abreast of financial and real estate trends, EWP has honed a proven investment strategy to guide our decision-making process.

Employing our proprietary analysis model, we scrutinize financial performance to forecast property operations over a five to ten-year horizon. Our ability to analyze prevailing trends and forecasts pertaining to rent, vacancy rates, and inventory levels for multifamily and commercial properties nationwide serves as a key competitive advantage.

Through our proprietary analysis tools, coupled with our extensive network within the brokerage community, we strategically identify and secure assets that align with our acquisition criteria, thereby optimizing returns for our investors.

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